iOS AR: A complete redesign of iOS


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Redesigning iOS is a unique challenge for an individual to pursue as it is a multifaceted system developed by hundreds of people with different roles. For this project I set out to conceptualize and mockup the various additions to the operations system I believe are essential to a redesign such as implementation of Augmented Reality, customization and personalization, and general improvements and new features.

User Needs

Everyone uses an iPhone differently, every user has different apps, needs, and ways they use and interact with their digital content on iOS devices. My goal for my iOS redesign is to address the lack of personalization and give users the ability to customize their phone as they see fit. Next, as I believe Augmented Reality is a technology that will be fundamental to the future of digital interaction, and may one day replace the smartphone entirely, I wanted to incorporate AR into the core of the iOS experience while being intuitive and functional. As a result, this redesign will feature Augmented Reality working together with a constantly learning Siri at the core of the operating system, allowing for new innovative ways to use an iPhone.



The main improvements I am proposing in my redesign of iOS are; Augmented Reality and Siri implemented at the core of the device, a redesigned notification system, new ways to personalize your device, and general improvements and new features.


View this entire project by visiting my website or view the product page and video here.

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