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With approximately one in four adults suffering from some form of mental illness, a large portion of the population needs help talking about their problems. The challenge was to design a smartphone application aiming to help people with mental health issue’s and promote healing through community and self-help methods. I was also tasked at creating a brand identity guideline book and accompanying website for the application.



Create a smartphone app that allows for multiple methods of coping, healing, and helping others suffering from mental health issues in a delightful and positive way.

About the App

With mental health issues impacting one fourth of the population worldwide, and as there are no anonymous, convenient, and personalized applications to help users with mental illness, this is clearly a problem that needs solving. When researching other applications, there is no all-in-one app that has all the features necessary to help users cope with these problems, ranging from self help to help from trained and listened professionals. Some of the features that would be explored include mood tracking, meditations, talking with peers & trained professionals, and more.

About the Website

The website was designed as a product page to demonstrate the app features for each section of the app, describing them in detail and utilizing slick animations to keep the users engaged with the site. Users can also go through the site where they can find further resources for mental health support such as free hotlines.


To see more about this project, view it here. If you would like to see more of my work visit my website at

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