Package Design

Dropjes (Droppies) is a collection of popular Dutch candies, wrapped in imagery that the country is best known for. One of the largest tourist attractions in the world, the Netherlands is well known for it’s bicycles, tulip fields, canals, windmills, and the beautiful delft blue patterns it produces. Dropjes is a novelty pack that celebrates these qualities.

Droppies are a polarizing black liquorice candy, and while this salted candy may not appeal to everyone worldwide, it can be found in almost every shop in the Netherlands. This selection of droppies is a collection piece. Dropjes includes nine varieties of droppies, separated into individual boxes. These boxes come together to form various images depending on which way the boxes are turned. The package itself is turned into a puzzle game for the buyer.

While the product is elegant in its design, it is also playful. The top panel can be folded back so the windmill can stand straight up, and the sails rotate. This interaction, along with solving the puzzle-like components, creates an interactive experience.

While most panels celebrate the beauty of the tulip fields or windmills, one is representative of the varying reactions to the candies. They are favourites to the Netherlands (and some other northern European countries), but many find these salty candies quite unusual. Having some panels showing the varying reactions people might have to eating the candies keeps the design playful.

Dropjes is perfect for anyone that enjoys these salted candies, but also those that want to celebrate the Netherlands, and have a collection piece to remind them of their travels.

The top of the box folded up features a Dutch windmill with sails that can rotate.

The informational sheet that accompanies the box is lifted out.

The individual boxes of Dropjes

A detail of the side of the container, where the individual boxes peak through.

Dutch candies spill out of a box.

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