Package Design

Meet Handler

Handler is a multi-functional package that can store, hold, and most importantly, be easily transported. Using inspiration from pop-up books and adding handles for easy pick-up, Handler is for the versatile user. After further testing, it was important to add two placeholders on the left and right panel, which is useful for temporary storage of utensils which cannot be mixed in with items inside the central pouch. The Handler can also smoothly be created into many versions, using various material (such as cardboard, cardstock, endless paperweights, clear plastic, etc.) and sizes depending on its ultimate function. One of the most useful features of Handler is its collapsible manner, where each and every piece is created from the same single paper. Handler is compact and economically friendly because it is easy to assemble and does not take up space for transportation. This is important for simple, fast construction, and also portability in stacking and being stored—which fulfills one of the most important design factors in packaging. Handler can stock many objects, which makes it an irresistible case for many difficult packaging solutions.

Handler, open and closed.


Whether for handiwork, food, or art, Handler can carry anything in its central pouch and its two placeholders on the left and right side. This sustainable solution can be re-used as either a knitting kit, art kit, or even a lunch box.

Handler used in many different applications.

The Process

The dielines have gone over 12 versions… Whether it be through adjusting tabs, their openings, or the angles of the central pouch. The integration of the side panel holders was thought of around midway through the process. This would strategically hold utensils that are necessary for any jobs that would be secured and not mixed with any of the contents in the central pouch.

Explorations through sketching, dielines, and prototyping.

Explorations through sketching, dielines, and prototyping.

The Prototype

Showing the front, back, and sides of the Handler prototype.

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