Package Design

Brand Identity


For women who enjoy cute, fun and relaxing products, SHEETHAPPENS is a sheet mask brand that speaks to their everyday relatable misfortunes and allows users to de-stress


Most face mask packaging today is repetitive and contains the same branding– fruits and flowers. Not to mention a long, cluttered list of ingredients and instructions. SHEETHAPPENS is a re-design of face mask packaging, specifically sheet masks. Sheet masks are a popular, fun and trendy product that are used on the face as a method of relaxation and targeting skin concerns.

The goal is to change face masks’ positioning in the market. The consumer already knows that there’s nice ingredients in the mask, so my first question was what could appeal to them more than that? Since face masks are usually used at the end of the day before going to bed, as a method of relaxation and taking time for yourself, this was designed this with the idea of “the perfect cure to a long, stressful day.” Our product focusses on the real-life reasons users need a face mask, adding fun, relatability, and clever branding that is sure to stand out in stores.


The name, SHEETHAPPENS, is a play on words of the term “sheet mask” and the popular expression “shit happens” that is often said when an inconvenience occurs. To go along with this theme, each mask is named after a funny crappy situation that most people at one point in their life can relate to: accidentally shrinking your clothes in the dryer, getting dumped, your parents finding out you did something bad, failing a test, losing something important, and so on.




A distinguishing element of the design is the see-through cut-out on the top-half of the back side, so the consumer can actually see what the sheet mask looks like, adding interest. Illustration was also incorporated on the back: in the visual and written instructions, the eyes, eyelashes, and hair drawn onto the visible sheet mask. Each mask has a different facial expression and hair style that makes them unique and fun to choose from and collect. This adds an entertaining, cute and quirky feel.

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