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Brand Identity

OUT is a kit that helps facilitate the conversation between an LGBTQ+ youth and a loved one that they are coming out to. The kit comes with tools designed to present information about the LGBTQ+ community in an easy-to-understand way as well as items that allow the user to explain who they are specifically and how they feel without needing to identify with a label. The box itself changes colour with heat, so when a person touches it a rainbow appears. This is representative of the kit helping someone embrace a part of themselves or show that side to others.

Kit with rainbow handprint

Out comes with a guidebook with terminology, definitions, flags, tips for coming out, tips for is someone comes out to you, an identity scale to view certain identity aspects outside of the standard binary, and a set of pins to show pride in oneself or support for someone else.

OUT kit

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The Next Design Grad Show
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April 11

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April 12-13

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