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Aegis is a wearable protection device that addresses the fear of crime and rape in women and allows them to feel secure no matter where they are or who they are with. The device is built into underwear and works on a tap to text system to send an alert and location to the user’s chosen contacts, local authorities, school security, and venue security to ensure the closest people to the user are contacted and can help.

The app allows the user to manage the aegis devices they own, manage their contacts, view the location of people they have received an alert from, and send alerts if using their phone is more discrete or convenient than tapping their hip in that moment. In the background, the app is used to send alerts from the product when activated.

aegis app screens

The website is for people new to aegis and want to learn more about it, people who want to purchase the product, or anyone that has a question or concern about the product. It is a simple, one page design that gives straightforward and easy to follow information.

aegis website screens

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