Experiential Design

Emotion is a state of mind that is both instinctive and intuitive. Emotions have character, and this can be symbolized in numerous ways. In this second product design project, I am looking to create a visual representation of emotion, in specific the type of emotion that someone can feel at a particular period of time. The five emotions that my project is looking to encapsulate include happiness, sadness, euphoria, fatigue, and frustration. The project is interactive, and it is solely based on the decisions made by the user. The project begins with a projector, and emotional indicators labelled in the vicinity of the projector. Initially, a white processing wave is projected onto the screen, and this is used to indicate no emotion. The next part of the project is solely based on the emotion felt by the user. The five emotions used in this project are labelled and are placed on different areas of the floor near the projector. When the user selects the emotion that they are feeling and come into proximity with the emotion that they are feeling, what is projected on the screen will change in three ways. Firstly, the color that is being projected will change to match the emotion. Secondly, a sound that characterises that emotion will emit. Lastly, the actual processing wave will change and alter to reflect the emotion that is being felt at that time. In addition to creating this visual representation, the colour, sound, and type of wave will not change until a new emotion is selected. The purpose of prolonging the visual cues is to give insight as to what the previous user was feeling at that period of time. Emotions are complex, and it is difficult to assume the emotion of someone at surface level. This project is engaging as it not only provides physiological senses to what someone is feeling, but provides insight as to the emotions of the people around you. Emotions are instinctive, and this product design looks to not only represent these emotions, but provide further insight as to the complexities of these emotions, and what they mean.

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