Form Check

Product Design


Form Check assists budding athletes to explore a variety of sports and practice them properly by demonstrating maneuvers and analyzing techniques. Ultimately providing a healthy pathway for athletes by reinforcing proper form and creates an efficient method to learn from.


There were 8.6 Million reported sports injury in 2011 to 2014. The most common injuries that occur in sports are sprains and strains. How could we lessen the seriousness of these injuries?

Gary’s thesis project and his research included approaches to train the mental and physical aspects of athletes and how these techniques can be translated to other aspects. However, It resulted on causes that could be improved by improving mental and physical training.


To create an application that guides a safer and healthier pathway for athletes to explore different sports. Form Check supports a user to learn proper techniques to reduce the risk of injury from repetition and accidents through augmented reality tutorials and analyzing the user’s body through recorded videos. Proper form is the perfect foundation for athletes to improve exponentially at sports while reducing the intensity and chance of injury.


These are the three main features to learn proper techniques.




Form check is still a work in progress … It might be up on Gary’s portfolio. Hopefully.

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April 11

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