Beausoleil - Environmental Sustainability in Package Design

Package Design

Beausoleil is an environmentally conscious company that provides energy saving LEDs to consumers. In partnership with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Beausoleil donates a portion of the profits to the charity.

With Bees as the inspiration, Beausoleil has created containers with colour and shape in mind. Each honeycomb is hexagon for the reason that it is both equilateral and equiangular. This shape makes it efficient for the use of building materials.

The panels of the container display information from the LED bulbs that Beausoleil provides as well as information regarding the Bumble Bee conservation trust. The information is organized in hierarchy regarding the product being contained to educational points as to why bumble bees are essential to the earth.

The amount of light bulbs each container holds correlate to the use of each bulb. Starting with the E26 600 Lumen bulb, sold in packs of 3 as it is the most common household bulb. The E26 400 lumen is sold in a pack of 1 as it is more commonly used for decorative ceiling lights and lastly Beausoleil is containing a 2 pack E12 500 lumen dimmable LED ideal for chandeliers and lanterns. The containers are thoughtfully designed with purpose, knowledge and branding in mind.

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