Sara Qarizada


The Next


As a multi-disciplinary designer, Sara’s interests have always been tied to trying to make the world a better place through helping others. She believes the combination of using design thinking to try and solve or better combat social issues is very powerful. Designers have the potential to design spaces where social healing can take place. By understanding users, and how they respond to situations and products, designers are able to help solve minor issues that can make a big difference. Her goal is to not only be a part of the designers who strive to create a better world for future generations, but lead them in this change through the ideas and passions she plans to further develop and carry with her.


Travelling, Laughing, Brunching, & Fashion

Listening To

Hip-hop, Rap, R&B, Soul

Event Info

The Next Design Grad Show
By York University/Sheridan College

Gladstone Hotel

1214 Queen St. West

Toronto, Ontario

April 11

Industry Night


Opening Night


April 12-13

Public Viewing