Titling Sequence - The Social Network

Time Based Communication

This project was done with two other classmates in my Time-Based Communication class. What intrigued us about this titling sequence was the setting of the movie and the idea behind the starting scene. We wanted to continue this existing title sequence idea into our own. We knew we had the setting down, as we have a university campus and we have props down with a backpack and laptop.

youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=HQjN5MtTe5A

Our original idea was to have the main character to walk around campus as if he is lost and looking for something. He continuously walks by people who are interacting through talking and touching and connecting in some way; while the main character is completely oblivious and separate from these people.

Throughout the titling sequence, we have him getting further and further away from the camera, signifying he is getting less personal and more distant from us as a character.The music, also, ties into the lonely feeling and implies a sense of technology and its creations. In the end, he sits by himself, alone in the library, busy, focusing on his only way that he is able to interact with these people, and that is by creating a social media.

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The Next Design Grad Show
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April 11

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April 12-13

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