Sucre et Crème

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Sucre et Crème is a food and culture magazine that features high end pastries and bakeries while offering its readers a peak into the lifestyles and professions associated with desserts.

The idea for the magazine came from my love of high end sweets and noticing that there is no actual publication of just this topic, that is targeted to a more general audience. Current food magazines only have a small section for sweets and while there are some magazine dedicated to desserts these are reserved for professional in the industry.

The name Sucre et Crème comes from the French words for sugar and cream, two of the main ingredients in many desserts. The French are also well known for the pastry industry.

The magazine is presented in a similar style to a high end fashion magazine to not only eliminate clutter of information often found in food magazine but to also present the topic in a more elegant light. Articles mostly take a non-linear approach to reading, to allow readers to not only pick which articles they wish to read but also what parts of an article interest them most.






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