Emily Michalicka


The Next


As a new designer to this era, Emily wants to hold a social impact through her work no matter what the project entails. There are many reasons for the changes we as a society can see within today’s culture, and she believes that designers are key creators in this development. Emily enjoys the opportunity to think outside the box, and will always push out of her comfort zone to achieve new realms of innovation. She is an eager individual, and continuously attempts to develop new solutions for every project she takes on. She strives to show new forms of creation through the progressive advancements of technology. Design has the power to make an impact, and Emily wants to take part in the changes she wishes to see.


Consuming too much caffeine

Favourite Typefaces


Event Info

The Next Design Grad Show
By York University/Sheridan College

Gladstone Hotel

1214 Queen St. West

Toronto, Ontario

April 11

Industry Night


Opening Night


April 12-13

Public Viewing