Alexandra Hawthorne


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Ally strives to make strategic and meaningful solutions. She believes design goes far beyond the physical product, it can be applied to both the tangible and intangible. Ally enjoys thinking outside the box, she celebrates experimentation and exploration at all stages of her design process. She has a passion for creating dynamic branding systems and marketing collateral. Ally has a growing interest in digital marketing and motion graphics. She views design as a vehicle to challenge what is considered the norm and create lasting social change. Ally has always had an entrepreneurial spirit—she is not afraid to reinvent the wheel. “Asking simple questions about obvious things can lead to unexpected answers.” - Jon Freach

Listening To

70's. 80's. 90's.

Currently Watching

Survivor. Homeland. Shameless.

Event Info

The Next Design Grad Show
By York University/Sheridan College

Gladstone Hotel

1214 Queen St. West

Toronto, Ontario

April 11

Industry Night


Opening Night


April 12-13

Public Viewing